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 MEDIA Rerefensi Indonesia
MEDIA References  of  Indonesia

                                                  Indonesia Business Mediator

MEDIA Rerefensi Indonesia, Daily  known as trading style MEDIA REFINDO,  a national private company, founded  in Jakarta, Indonesia by  individuals who have experienced since 1990 in their field. MEDIA REFINDO, incorporated  under the laws of the Republic of Indonesia, according to the notary deed made ​​by MITA NURSITA GUNAWAN SH, a notary office in Jakarta, Indonesia. 

Want to grow, develop and want to better serve, is the motivation which led to the establishment of  MEDIA REFINDO With prayer, serving more dearly and  working hard, has made MEDIA REFINDO, growing  and increasingly extensive network in cooperation with building relationships within  and outside the country.

With the motto “ Our REFERENCES Your SUCCESS ”  has proved, that the Business Reference, which we present have brought us success for each relationship.  It also makes MEDIA REFINDO, has established  a business mediator, by our relations, from MALAYSIA, CHINA, CYPRUS, SWITZERLAND, GERMANY, HONG KONG and  other Countries.  Similarly, the relations in the country, several national private companies  and  Foreign Investment Company (PMA), from Japan, USA, Thailand, Germany, Hong Kong, Switzerland and others,  has made MEDIA REFINDO  as a smart  business  mediator.

As  a business mediator company, which continues to grow, certainly more encouraging  MEDIA REFINDO, to continuously enhance service quality by continuing to improve services to every relationship. Our REFERENCES, Your SUCCESS.


Best Regards

MEDIA Referensi Indonesia





About MEDIAOur ServicesContact UsEmail News